Love Is Like A Roller Coaster

28 10 2008

I came up with this idea after a fight with my BF. I was looking for something inspirational, an analogy to describe what i’m going through at the moment. Remembering what it felt like when I first fell in love with him and this empty feeling, this feeling i’m trying to push away, the feeling you get when a relationship is about to come to an end. I realized how much falling in love felt like riding a roller coaster, or is it just my futile attempt at dramatizing myself again. Whatever it is, try to enjoy this piece of crap i’m offering, for what’s it worth, this is probably the first and last time i become overly emotional over a guy.


I got on a roller coaster for the first time when I went to Genting Highlands with my ex-BF. There were all sorts of crazy stuffs in the park but I was too chicken to try out any of those crazy games. After spending an hour and a half doing nothing (while my ex and his bands of brothers tried every single games he laid his eyes on), I decided to give the roller coaster a try. It was the first and last time I ever got on a roller coaster and I’m not intending to get on another one anytime soon. So, how does a roller coaster ride compares to falling in LOVE?

You hear many stories about the roller coaster. Some so great they describe it as an experience of a lifetime, these people made it alive and went on to have more rides in the future. You hear these stories, you just can’t wait to get on one and experience the thrill yourself. Some tell stories of how dangerous these rides can be, some losing their life while others become so traumatic it leaves them scarred for the rest of their lives. You hear these stories and you tell yourself accidents can happen to anyone, but it does not happen everyday and probably it’s worth taking the risk, you will most probably survive the ride and live to tell the story. Some become so terrified they never got on a roller coaster and some waited too long that by the time they got the nerve, they’re no longer allowed to get on one while others died not knowing how thrilling and exciting it can be.

Remember the first time you heard about falling in LOVE from a friend? Remember how much you yearned to be LOVED by another man, how much you giggled and gushed when your friend tells you about his first kiss, how great the sex felt? Remember what it felt like when you hear about your friend’s break-up, how badly hurt he got but you convince yourself you will never fall into the same fate? Your LOVE will be different, it will be GREAT. Some vowed never to fall in love but in the process lost that one chance to have an experince of a lifetime.

You got in line, the queue is long and frustrating but that excitement and thrill bubbling in your chest makes you wait patiently for your turn. At times you feel like quitting and go try some other rides but that nagging voice inside your head tells you if you quit now, you’ll never get another chance. So you waited. The nearer you get to the front of the line, your heart pounded faster, the adrenaline coursing through your veins makes you all light-headed and excited.

Remember how your life was when you’re young, so eager to fall in love, wanting to feel the thrill, that experince of your lifetime?  Remember the first glimpse of hope you felt, searching for the right guy to fall in love with? Remember that long and frustrating wait, that endless date you go through, the countless sex that hurt more than please? But every time, you convince yourself you will find the right guy and when he comes along, you’ll fall in LOVE with him.

It’s finally your turn, the passengers are now boarding, your carousel in front of you, your heart beats like its about to explode, you started having doubts…..will you survive this ride? what if something bad happens? will the rails hold? will it hurt? excitement and thrill overpowered your judgement and you plunge into the seat. The safety restraints come down and the ride of your life is about to start. This is the moment of truth.

Remember the first time you met the man of your dreams? That excitement and thrill you get that your long wait is finally over, you’re finally getting that chance to fall in LOVE. You had your doubts but LOVE blinds all mortal eyes, you chose to ignore all warnings, leave precautions to the wind and trust that often, faulty instinct and plunge right into that LOVE, right in front of you. You’re all geared up for the ride of your lifetime.

The roller coaster moved slowly, climbing the railings, reaching the peak and pausing before it makes its first plunge into the deep abyss. Your excitement escalates but soon turns to fear, fear for your life and you closed your eyes. When it finally makes that plunge, you feel all queasy like your insides are coming out from your mouth but then, it felt fine, it was fun and you yearned for more. It’s one very confusing moment, both painful and pleasent.

Remember that feeling when you confessed your love to your BF? He says he loved you too and you’re suddenly at the top of the world. It’s not always sunny and bright, at times it hurts so bad but at times you experience the most wonderful feeling that your judgement fails you all the time. Your brain gets confused it goes into complete shutdown and LOVE takes over your body. You can’t get enough of this feeling, you want more.

The roller coaster went on making a few more rounds and that excitement starts dwindling, the fear now abates as you learn that you’re as safe as a baby in a crib, that thrill goes mellow as it makes one monotonous round after another. Your brain initially frozen and confused starts working again and you say to yourself ,”this is boring, i just want it to end”.

After a few months, that heat you felt starts getting colder, you brain starts working and you see things staright, you start looking for every single faults, finding every reason why that guy is no longer as perfect, you feel trapped not able to get off the ride, bored and miserable. The monotony of the relationship, the monogamy you find unflattering.You want it to end.

The roller coaster starts slowing down, it made its final round. As it is about to stop, your brain gets confused again, you feel happy that you’re finally on the ground again, you’re safe and lived to tell the story. But then you regretted that you didn’t enjoy that ride of your life when you should have. You closed your eyes all the time and you didn’t get to see the dizzying image when the train went swishing by. You’ll never get a second chance. It won’t feel the same the next time you get on another ride.

Remember your first break up? That feeling when your relationship is about to come to and end? You just cannot let it go but at the same time you feel so tired, fighting and doing your very best to try and keep it alive. You feel that a break up is the best thing for both of you or maybe its just a lie to calm your heart down. You can’t stand all the confusion and thus, you make that final decision. But when his gone, you regret it, you doubt that you will never experience the same kind of love in your lifetime.

Well, is LOVE like a ROLLER COASTER? A roller coaster will always be a roller coaster, no matter how different they make it look, how many devillish turns it makes, in the end it’s just another roller coaster. So is LOVE.




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28 10 2008

Roller coaster it is. the different is whether u strong and brave enough to get into one, one time or many..that the different. u will realized that once u get into the same roller coaster multiple times, things just does’t really entertain u or amazed u, or even frightened u. but u still hoping to be entertained over and over again. walaupon u tau it ain’t gonna happen.

3 11 2008

Bon Jovi said the same back in 1995 through their These Days album. A song called “Lie to Me”.

Its a bitch, but lifes a roller coaster ride
The ups and downs will make you scream sometimes
Its hard believing that the thrill is gone
But we got to go around again, so lets hold on

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